Saffron D’Or offers your corporate event the perfect venue in their Grand Banqueting Hall facility.

Whether gathering to celebrate achievements with a delicious luncheon, meeting to discuss new projects, fiscal objectives, mergers or community activities, or greeting new business associates, the Saffron D’Or team of event experts will ensure your special occasion is flawlessly planned and executed.

Your attendees can concentrate fully on the business at nd, with every technical support feature available, in place, and performing as expected and needed throughout your event. When the time arrives to relax from business tasks and turn to the enjoyment of socializing, the chefs and professional waiting staff of Saffron D’Or use their expertise and skill to ensure everyone has a delightful dining experience.

Whether your event centres around luncheon or dinner, or guests are treated to a sumptuous buffet, the effect will be identical – impressive, delicious, and the perfect complement to your business agenda.

Let Saffron D’Or create a business event that will become the benchmark to all other business events – large or small, we can fulfil your exact needs in beautiful surroundings, supported by state of the art technology, and refreshed by dining perfection.